Parent Notes

Back to School Morning Routine

  1. Parents need to jot down your child's body temperature on Pupil's Handbook before coming to school.
  2. Pupils need to wash their hands when they come to school.
  3. The school prefects will measure pupils’ body temperature again and check the records on their Handbooks.
  4. The school prefects will check pupils’ nails, handkerchiefs and tissues every morning.
  5. After entering their classroom, pupils start reading story books provided by the school.

School lunch time : 12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Lunch arrangement:

1. Meals delivered by parents:

a. Mark down your child’s name and class on the lunch box.

b. Delivery time:     12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.

c. Delivery point:    school gate (put the lunch box on the cart according to the class level).

d. Bring the utensils home to clean after meals


2. Bring your own lunch

a. What we recommend most. Easy and safe to carry your lunch

b. Make sure that your lunch is kept warm or cold and in good sanitation.


3. Order lunch at school

a. Meal Supplier:  Murray Catering Co. Ltd.

b. Price:                   $20

c. Choice:                Choose one of four choices per day

d. Order procedure:

- After full payment, pupils bring back both the payment receipt and the meal order form to their class teacher.


e. Payment methods:

i. OK / 7-11 / Vango / Vanguard Supermarket

ii. Staple your meal order form with the receipt paid in any OK / 7-11 / Vango / Vanguard Supermarket in Hong Kong before giving them to your class teacher.

iii. PPS Tel: (Tel:"18033", Merchant code: 9392)

iv. Bank or ATM: China Bank A/C 012-889-0-002626-2 (write your child’s name and class at the back of the bank receipt before giving it to your class teacher.)

iv.  Paid by cheque: The cheque should be properly crossed and made payable to Murray Catering Co. Ltd.’.  Write down your child’s name and class on the back of the cheque.


4. Refund arrangements:

- If your child is absent from school, parents can either call the lunch supplier any time before 9:30 a.m. (Tel: 2454-8993) or the school any time before 8:30 a.m. (Tel 2476-2414) to make a formal cancellation (no refund for late cancellation).

- School and school lunch may be cancelled due to bad weather or special circumstances, the suspended meal(s) will be deducted in next month lunch account.


Parent Notes


1. Write down your child’s name on the Student Handbook, all textbooks and exercise books, and personal items like handkerchiefs, jackets, raincoats, water bottles (don’t bring disposable plastic bottles or glass bottles) tableware and placemat.

2. Bring stationery including 6 sharpened pencils, 20cm transparent ruler and an eraser.

3. Application for sick leave: Parents need to phone (2476-2414) the school for your child’s sick leave at around 7:30-8:00 am.  School lunch fee cannot be refunded if your sick leave phone call is made after 9:00 am.

4. After sick leave, your child must fill in the sick leave table on p.54 of Student Handbook and give a doctor’s letter to the class teacher.

5. If pupils need to leave school earlier, parents must pick up their own children personally.

6. Parents must pick up their children on time when their lessons end. (Please update your contact number.)

7. Parents must write down on pupil’s Handbook (p.58) to notify teacher if your child is going to change the method of leaving school.

8. Please make sure that your child wears appropriate school uniforms according to school time table.

9. Healthy School Policy: School DOES NOT allow pupils to bring any soft drinks, chewing gum, and unhealthy snacks to school.

10. In order to help pupils better integrate into local culture and broaden their life experience, parents should encourage their child to participate in various school learning activities, such as English daily, village festivals, overseas cultural exchange programmes, day or overnight camp, etc.

11. In order to lay a solid foundation for learning Chinese, our school provides special education arrangements for the NCS pupils, it is important for parents to cooperate with the school by making sure that your child takes part in these lessons: such as the pull-out programme from Mandarin lessons for extra Mathematics/General Studies/oral Chinese lessons, 4 extra after-school lessons on Chinese and extra tutorial lessons every Saturday and during school holidays.

12. In order to not negatively affect students’ learning, schedule family travel according to the school’s holiday calendar. Please do not leave Hong Kong during school days!